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Steve Piché- Realtor, GRI, Notary Public – Multimillion Dollar Producer
Specializing in the Treasure Coast
All sellers and buyers on a residential property sale or purchase receive a free one year home warranty at closing. It's simple, ask me!

Specializations: Buyers And Sellers, Foreclosures, Investors, Real Estate Sales, Rentals, Short Sales, Vacation Properties, For Sale By Owner Assistance - ASK ME about my unmatched programs to list your home!

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At ProNet we do not charge our sellers or buyers any additional brokerage, transaction or storage fees. These are like “dealer fees” when buying a car! Would you pay this fee when “selling” your car – never mind your home? Not all real estate companies are alike – call me for a ProNet experience today!

All homes I list include a free 1 year warranty at no cost to you. Or the same warranty for any home you purchase! Refer a friend and you may receive the same warranty - ask me!


Helpful information for buyers and seller:

BE READY - Ensure you have an updated lender pre-approval letter*** or updated proof of cash funds. DO NOT HESITATE - If you love a property - make an offer NOW - otherwise the next buyer will beat you to the offer.

If a property is asking for the "highest & best " offer - be sure that you make it your highest and best - there usually is not a second chance to negotiate after. This usually happens when there are multiple offers - still common on some properties.

FINANCING: FHA or VA type loans - these are government backed loans and the property must meet certain requirements for these loans; roof age is a concern, wood rot, etc., usually no fixer uppers with this type of loan. Just because the listing states terms accepted are these types of loans does not mean the home will qualify, there are many agents that are not educated on what is required and you have wasted time and money on an inspection. Press your realtor for due diligence when previewing homes. Conventional loans are less restrictive and there is low money down conventional loans available - ask your lender - this may open more homes to you.

BE REALISTIC - Many homes, even in the current market, due to lack of inventory and demand are selling over list price - however the home would still need to appraise for the lender. However, do not be afraid to offer less than the list price, be reasonable and at at the very least you will start a dialogue of interest in the sale that works to benefit both the buyer and seller. Verify with your lender in the event of an offer price/appraisal deficiency that you are able to close the gap (if you really want the home) by bringing additional cash funds to closing and still meet the lenders required "funds reserve" they may want to see in your bank account. That said - shop homes that meet your price point.

CONTINGENCIES - Limit contingencies on the offer that you can live without. If one of the contingencies is "the sale of your current home" you are likely not ready in to buy unless your current home contract has passed several contingencies. The seller will put your offer aside.
SELLER CONCESSIONS- its OK to ask a seller for a concession or closing cost assistance - there are may ways to approach this - an experienced agent , like me(!), can guide you thorough what is best for you.

DEALS - these are very few and far between nowadays and these homes are usually scooped up by cash paying investors and not end users. (End user= Buyers primary residence)

BE AWARE - Taxes on homes could be very high and likely to increase after your purchase - this may affect your debt to income ratio. HOA/Condo fees will also affect this. A quick call to your lender before an offer submission will verify if you can still qualify for a home with high taxes and the HOA/Condo fees that will need to be considered. INSURANCE - Insurance will be all over the place and should be shopped. Factors to consider are: Roof age/hurricane protection - shutters, impact windows, wood frame home or CBS, flood zone or not.

INSPECTION PERIOD - homes generally sell AS-IS with the right for you to inspect. However the seller has no obligation to do any repairs, credit you or reduce the price. The next buyer is likely to accept it as-is. During the inspection period (usually a maximum of 15 days) you are able to walk away from the property if there are any issues not able to be resolved.

SELLER'S DISCLOSURE - Florida law requires that a seller disclose any known facts that affect the integrity of a home - ask these questions or request the "seller's disclosure" documentation.

HIGHEST PRICE OFFER - This dollar amount does not always win the bid. Contract terms, closing timelines etc., may make your offer more favorable to the seller. Ask the seller's agent what the seller is looking for for such items - but don't ask what the "dollar" amount they want might be- this won't be answered.

PREPARE - be sure you have any and all documentation ready and updated that the lender may request during the closing process. Expect 30-45 -60 days closing on loans.

***There is a difference between a pre-approval and a pre-qualification from a lender. The Pre-approval is a stronger document - usually notes the lender has verified your income, credit, debt to income, cash on hand, taxes etc. A pre-qualification is usually information stated and not yet verified from the lender -.however -neither is a guarantee for a loan commitment at the starting stage.




15 years

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$170K - $740K